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#REVIEW: Alien Visitor by Max Walker #mm #lgbt #scifi #romhero

Genre: M/M Science Fiction Romance
Release Date: February 28, 2016
Publisher:  Max Walker
Length: 81 pages

Description: Recent college graduate, Jacob Levy, is bringing his cousin home from college when they both witness a sudden flash of light in the sky. After dropping his cousin off, Jacob finds himself in a terrifying situation as he stumbles upon the source of the bright white light.

That source? Bena-drez, an alien known as a Traveler who had been scouting Earth from above its atmosphere. After a mechanical failure, Bena-drez found himself stranded on the planet he was sent to study. The light-purple skinned Adonis was now stuck and could find no one to turn to for help.

Their ensuing connection is immediate and powerful. Ben awakens a new side of Jacob, a side he never dreamed he had. Can Jacob come to terms with the new but startlingly powerful feelings? Can Bena-drez find some help, and possibly something more, with Jacob or is their meeting just destined for a galactic catastrophe?

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I must say that when I started this book, I really wasn't sure what to expect. Lucky for me, Alien Visitor is a cute, well thought out story! Although it is only 81 pages, I didn't feel that it was rushed. That may be because the author uses the "mated" technique used in many shifter stories to justify the insta-love that is often a fixture of such books. I didn't mind it. In fact, I thought it made sense. A novella has to move and this one does!

Bena-drez, Ben for short, crash lands in a field near Jacob's house. Jacob goes to investigate the bright light and he finds a light-purple skinned man who turns his world upside now. When Ben reacts badly to the sudden cold Earth temperature, Jason reaches out to steady him and gets his first dose of alien pheromones.  
The skin to skin contact was.. electric? Jacob had no other word to describe it. As soon as his hand made contact with the alien's muscular back, the flame in Jacob's gut exploded into a full on inferno. 
The path to loving same-sex bliss isn't so straightforward though. Jacob isn't gay. He isn't into men, especially not purple-skinned aliens. Jacob determines to not be Ben's experiment. He wants nothing to do with this craziness. Unfortunately, the attraction is undeniable and his concern for the alien soon brings him back to the forest and the damaged spaceship. 

There were a lot of fun moments in this story as both males explore their new-found enjoyment of each other, talk about their worlds, deal with Jacob's coming out, and learn to accept the inevitable.
"Because I'm gay. There, are you fucking happy I said it?! I love this man and it's not like anything else I've ever felt. Not with you, not with Erica or Julie or Raquel. Not with any other girl that used to be in my life. When I'm with Ben, it's like my world is on fucking fire. Everything feels incredible. New. Fresh. And most of all? I genuinely feel like I can trust him with my life. That's something no one else has been able to give me."
Wow! Now isn't that something we'd all want our lover to say about us? 

The sexy scenes are super steamy and the suspense scenes are well done. Overall, Alien Visitor is well-worth the read, and at Outrageous Heroes of Romance, we're looking forward to the next book in the Travelers series which, we're told, will be a little longer and an m-preg book. Let's see if it's as well done!

OUR RATING: 4 stars!


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