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ARC REVIEW: Cross to Bare (Men of London #5) by Susan Mac Nicol #MM #LGBT #Romance

Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance, part of the Men of London Series
Release Date: November 10, 2015
Publisher:  Boroughs Publishing Group
Length: 197 pages

Description: Tough in business but romantic at heart, fashion designer Lenny James isn’t hiding his masculinity behind his super successful female alter ego, but a vulnerability that only handsome financier Brook Hunter will be man enough to reveal…and worship.


It’s amazing what a little mascara and lipstick, a blonde wig, false boobs, and top-notch female fashion can hide. Not that Lenny James is hiding his masculinity. He uses his normal voice when he’s Laverne, and he’s not particularly camp as a man. His reasons for creating his alter ego are locked deep in his past. He is who he is: tough in business, and a romantic at heart. What he’s hiding is vulnerability. He wants a man to accept both sides of him.

Gorgeous, commanding, and dark as sin, Brook Hunter meets Lenny and knows nothing about Laverne until fate pushes her into his path. Cross-dressing is as far from Brook’s reality as fashion is from his world of diplomacy and high finance. Understanding and truth take time, and trust doesn’t come easy. But Brook is about to show Lenny that there are no sides to true love, just the place where they meet in the middle.

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Cross to Bare is a fun inside view of the fashion industry and into the life of a cross-dresser.
I really enjoyed the Lenny/Laverne character. Lenny is a very strong character, who is very clear about who he is—a man—and who he wants to be—a man. He is a cross-dresser, not a transgender woman. Throughout the book, the author drives this point home, and I came out of the reading with a much better understanding of why a man might choose to cross dress.

The very conservative Brook is, of course, the perfect foil to Lenny. LOL. It was fun to watch Brook overcome his own prejudices and insecurities as he gradually opened himself up to the fantabulousness that is Laverne.

We accompany both heroes in their work environments, when they are out with friends, as well as when they are alone together. This allows us to see different facets of their personalities, and how they each adapt to the differences in the other in these different scenarios. The dialogue is witty and often very funny. Oh, and the sex scenes are pretty hot too!

The secondary characters, all fun and unique, bring a lot to the depth of the story. It is always a joy to see more of the quirkily endearing Leslie, Laverne’s hilarious and out-spoken assistant.
Cross to Bare also reveals more about Ryan and Mango’s story. Dare I hope they will be featured next?

OUR RATING: 4 stars!

Our Review of Suit Yourself (Men of London #3):


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ARC REVIEW: Not My Boyfriend by Monica L. Anderson #MM #Romance #LGBT

Genre: Standalone M/M Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 8, 2015
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd
Length: 155 pages


If “I love you” is a lie, why does it feel so much like the truth?

Stuck at a co-workers retirement party, Max prepares himself for a long, boring night—until a guy across the bar with an intense brown gaze and a dangerous smirk offers some mutual gratification in the bathroom. Max had been looking for a forever love, but Karson’s so hot, forever can wait.

Ever since his cheating ex broke his heart, Karson’s had rules. Only pleasure. Never more than once. Never stay the night. Yet long after their romp in the bar bathroom, Karson still wants Max—maybe enough to break his own rules.

As Max and Karson struggle to sort out their complicated non-relationship, Karson’s ex resurfaces in full win-him-back mode. One white lie later, Max attends Karson’s tenth annual high-school reunion as his “boyfriend” to keep his ex away. But pretending is hard, when all Max wants is for the lie to be the truth.

Warning: Contains a slew of misunderstandings, one cheating, jealous ex, and steamy sex scenes between two guys who fall accidentally in love.

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Not My Boyfriend is the type of book you pick up when you want a fast-paced story with a ton of angst, hot sex, and a sweet ending. In terms of plot, this isn’t War and Peace, but then again, we don’t want it to be.

Max and Karson meet in a bar. Max is looking for Mr. Right, Karson is looking for Mr. Right Now and Only For Now. The rules are clear, and both men agree to them.
“One night,” Karson whispered against Max’s lips. “No regrets.” 
Max, mouth slack, ready and willing for many more kisses, nodded. “No regrets.”
Karson was a fling. A really hot, ridiculously good-kissing fling. Of course Max wasn’t his first. Wouldn’t be his last either. 
But that didn’t mean Max was going to sit back and let himself be another notch on anyone’s bedpost. If he was going to be a notch, he was going to be the biggest, most memorable notch on the line.
But their chemistry is off the charts and neither can resist the lure of a do-over. And that’s when the trouble starts.
Cursing, Karson covered his face with his hands. He was a fuck-and-forget kind of guy. This remembering—this longing—had never happened to him before.
Karson was trouble; he seemed to like slow, touchy sex that unraveled Max to his core and rebuilt him again in pleasure.
When Max attends Karson’s high school reunion as his boyfriend, they both know they are putting on a show, but everything feels all too real. Emotions run high in this story and both guys try to sort out their feelings. They know the other isn’t what they need, but is everything they want.

As expected, the I love you’s come, and when they do, the moment is honest, sweet, and very satisfying.

If you enjoy angsty, fast-paced stories with steamy, emotional sex and sweet romance, this is the book for you!

Our Review: 4 stars!


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ARC Review: Tempted in Texas by Sara York #MM #Romance #LGBT

Genre: Standalone M/M Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 31, 2015

Description: Rusty Briggs knows his chance of finding a man while living outside of Sweetwater, Texas are slim to none. Few know about his little secret, but his ranch hands have run out on him and the folks in town aren’t as hospitable as they were before the incident. He’s resigned himself to the fact that working his ranch will have to be enough or he will need to sell and move to the big city…that is until he meets Trent Anderson.

On the outside Trent appears to be a man with full access to silver spoons and caviar dreams, but his parents cut him off and tossed him out once they discovered he was gay. After living on the street, selling himself, then ending up in a destructive relationship, Trent pulled his life together and came out on top, all by using his compassion and intelligence—or so Trent thinks. Recently, Trent’s grandfather passed away and left him his ranch, as long as he meets a few conditions, like living in Texas for ninety days. But Trent’s secret benefactor, Reed, is dissatisfied that Trent isn’t living in Atlanta and wants him back. The only issue for Reed is that Trent is involved with Rusty.

Money, greed, lust, and power work to keep Rusty and Trent apart. They are forced to trust each other when life falls apart, but can they actually become close enough in ninety days to create a solid, trusting relationship, or will old relationships come between them?

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The setup: A tough Texan rancher with confidence to spare, an abused and down-trodden LGBT youth center worker, and a 90-day will stipulation that forces Trent to live on his recently deceased homophobic grandfather’s land if he wants to inherit.

Rusty, with his long legs and big muscles, is exactly what Trent needs to get him through 90 days of living in Sweetwater on his grandfather’s ranch. From the moment they meet, the electricity between them shoots of the page. It was a joy to watch Rusty help Trent build back his confidence and begin to flourish in the relationship that develops between these two men. The sex is hot and fresh, and the love between these two men is brave and genuine. Here’s one of our favorite passages:

Trent ran a hand down Rusty’s chest, sending shivers over his body. “You’ve not tried to change me, not once. When I eat pizza with you, you don’t tell me that I’ll get fat. Do you know how many times I heard that in Atlanta? ‘Don’t eat that, you’ll get fat and no one will want you. Don’t eat bread or you’ll lose your figure. No one wants fat boy toy.’”

“Fuck, you could gain weight or not. That’s not the only thing sexy about you. Sexy isn’t a body size. It’s a personality trait.
As always in Ms. York’s books, the issues faced by many LGBT youth and adults is not glossed over or only hinted at. No, as the story unfolds, we are made very aware of what has happened to Trent up to this point.  The events depicted aren’t at all a departure from reality.  Rather, sadly, they figure far too often in the coming-out stories of LGBT people.

Tempted in Texas is a story of coming into oneself, of accepting yourself and your past so that others can accept you too.   It is a story of triumph.

OUR RATING: 4 stars!


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ARC REVIEW: Everything I Left Unsaid by M. O'Keefe #Romance

Genre: First in a Series, Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 13, 2015
Publisher: Random House LLC

Description: Fans of Jodi Ellen Malpas, K. Bromberg, and Joanna Wylde will be unable to resist this sexy, deeply intimate tale of a woman running from her past, and the darkly mysterious man who sets her free.

I didn’t think answering someone else’s cellphone would change my life. But the stranger with the low, deep voice on the other end of the line tempted me, awakened my body, set me on fire. He was looking for someone else. Instead he found me.

And I found a hot, secret world where I felt alive for the first time.

His name was Dylan, and, strangely, he made me feel safe. Desired. Compelled. Every dark thing he asked me to do, I did. Without question. I longed to meet him, but we were both keeping secrets. And mine were dangerous. If I took the first step, if I got closer to Dylan—emotionally, physically—then I wouldn’t be hiding anymore. I would be exposed, with nothing left to surrender but the truth. And my truth could hurt us both.

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What starts out as a phone call between strangers turns into so much more. Something that will change both Annie and Dylan’s lives forever.

On the surface, Annie and Dylan couldn’t be more different. But inside, they are the same. Broken. Running from their pasts. Ashamed. Can they save each other or will their sexy, twisted relationship only make things worse?

Everything I Left Unsaid is an excellent story. Very gripping and surprisingly sexy, with an oh-so enticing slow burn. The writing is fantastically smooth and very realistically plunges the reader into the heads of the hero and heroine, making us feel like we're right there, along with Annie and Dylan.

Note: Ends on a cliffhanger, but the second book will be available on Nov. 24.
Possible trigger warning: contains references to and depictions of abuse.

OUR RATING: 5 stars!


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ARC REVIEW: Make Me Whole by R.C. Matthews #menage #disability #romhero

ARC REVIEW: Make Me Whole by R.C. Matthews #menage #mfm #romanticsuspense #disability

Publisher: Loose ID
Release: June 1, 2015

For Jake Hanson, it was the perfect solution to a deep darkness. The accident took more than the use of his legs; it took everything that made him feel like a man. He needs their ménage. It puts him on the path to healing. With Jessie and Chad, he can conquer anything...he thinks.

Jessica Hanson did it all for her husband, to make him feel whole again. She didn’t want a threesome. At least, that’s what she believed in the beginning. But when she realizes that she can’t imagine life without both her husband and his best friend by her side, she’ll question everything she thought completed her.

FBI agent Chad Wilson, couldn’t believe he agreed to his best friend’s proposal. There were too many things beyond his control that could go wrong. But when things go right, he is forced to admit to the best months of his life. Yet on the heels of his greatest joy comes his greatest fear. He’s endangered them all, and the clock is ticking.

They’ll push the boundaries and blur the lines, coming face to face with one of life’s hardest truths: Sometimes to become whole, you have to break.

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Ménage romance with a twist! I’m not typically a huge fan of M/F/M, because I find it hard to believe that men who enjoy ménage, don’t ever touch the other man or get turned on by him. This book, however, changed my mind.

Jake is wheelchair bound. He misses the days of wild sex with his wife. Doing it standing up, against a wall, bent over a desk. He’s bored with their sex and with his life in general. This exchange with the therapist is poignant and, for me, helped me to truly understand why Jake is so unhappy.

“Don’t you get it? This isn’t just about me. Jessica’s life was forever changed too. Our sex life isn’t the same. It will never be passionate and wild again. It’s eating me up inside, knowing that it’s all my fault.”

When his therapist misunderstands something Jake says and suggests a ménage, the wheels in Jake’s brain start spinning. At this point, Jake is looking for a surrogate lover for his wife. Someone who will be his legs. Who will give her the spontaneous, passionate love-making she deserves. And who better to do it than the man he trusts most in the world? Chad, his longtime best friend, is, of course, first horrified by the idea, but after careful consideration and seeing how much the idea is brightening his friend up, he agrees to a three-month trial, provided that Jessica is fully onboard.

What follows is a loving journey of growth for all three of these fascinating characters. Having Chad in the mix sparks a new enjoyment in sex for both Jessica and Jake. Jessica and Chad have promised to keep the ménage all about sex. But can they keep their promise?

Over the months that follow, not only does Jake’s confidence in the bedroom increase, but also his confidence in other aspects of his life. As the title says, the ménage brings him to feel whole again, and if for that reason alone, this book is inspiring.

The suspense thread in the story is also thrilling. It adds a touch of urgency and danger to an otherwise fun contemporary erotic romance that takes it over the top to garner full marks from us. When all hell breaks loose, the love and loyalty these characters have for each other shines clear and bright. We hope that this is only the first book in a series, because we’d love to hear more about this awesome trio of characters!

OUR RATING: 5 stars!


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ARC REVIEW: Secret by Kindle Alexander #MM #Romance

Genre: Stand-alone M/M Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: June 9, 2015

DESCRIPTION: Tristan Wilder, self-made millionaire and devastatingly handsome CEO of Wilder-Nation is on the verge of a very lucrative buyout. With tough negotiations ahead, he's armed with his acquisition pitch, ready to launch the deal of a lifetime. There’s just one glitch. The last thing he expects is to fall for the hot business owner he's trying to sway.

Dylan Reeves, computer science engineer and founder of the very successful social media site, Secret, is faced with a life-altering decision. A devoted family man with three kids and a wife, Dylan has been living a secret for years. Fiercely loyal to his convictions, his boundaries blur after meeting the striking owner of the corporation interested in acquiring his company. For the first time in his life, reckless desire consumes him when the gorgeous computer mogul makes an offer he can't refuse.

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OUR REVIEW: Kindle Alexander has hit it out of the park with Secret! 

I’ve read several Kindle Alexander books and liked them well enough, but Secret is on a whole other level. I loved it from the first page to the last.

Tristan Wilder, the CEO of the company that wants to buy Dylan Reeves’ breakthrough social media site, Secret, is everything you’d imagine a head-in-the-clouds inventor to be, and Dylan is the ideal businessman and father with his perfect wife and family. But all is not as it seems, which Tristan discovers when Dylan and his team go to visit Wilder Inc. headquarters in California. Neither is a twenty-something billionaire—refreshing, I know!

Secret is in no way about cheating, or ménage, or anything even remotely like that. It’s about people who are committed to each other’s happiness and how new partners fit into this complicated and unusual situation. Nothing that happens is without the other’s consent.

Teri, Dylan’s wife, is a thoroughly developed secondary character. Her kindness and understanding of Dylan’s predicament endeared her to me immediately. I’ve seen some reviews that doubt a wife like her could exist. I don’t doubt it at all, especially in a world and time where many gay men still choose to hide who they are for family and business reasons. Teri and Dylan take their marriage seriously and are doing the best they can for their children, despite the anguish their sacrifice is causing both of them.

Never in his thirty-seven years of life had anyone said those words to him. he played the stereotypical hetero husband so well that every person he knew would have sworn the Reeves family stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting.


Tristan's smooth voice caught his attention as he ducked his head through the open door. "I promise it's discreet. Your secret's safe in here." 

I loved seeing the apparently straight Dylan emerge from his self-imposed celibacy under Tristan’s creative tutelage. Likewise, Dylan’s involvement with Wilder helps Tristan to see where he’s gone wrong, and ways to correct his mistakes, both professionally and personally. At first, it’s all fun and games—Tristan sees Dylan as a challenge. Someone he can have, enjoy, then leave once the companies are merged. But life has other plans, and these plans blow both these men, and the readers along with them, way off their chosen course.

But what about the sex, you ask?

This book is chock-full of all the good stuffsmoldering romance, burn-up-the-sheets sex, and plenty of panty-melting moments! 

"Baby, are you asleep?"

"Close," Dylan murmured. His voice gravelly and thick, proving he'd been sleeping.

"I need to tell you something. I haven't ever said anything like this before, but you need to know so I can sleep." Tristan lifted his head a little, talking quietly into Dylan's ear, trying to keep his heart from racing out of his chest. 

"Okay." A solid yawn formed on the word. 

"I'll wait for you, however long it takes. I don't care. I'll wait. I'm in love with you."

If you love books about family, love, and acceptance, then this is the book for you.

OUR RATING: ❇❇❇ stars!

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REVIEW: Finding Your Hero by A.J. Kelton #MM #Romance

Real estate mogul Roman Janiko believes weakness is something to be exploited. He made his millions doing just that, but now he's beginning to wonder if there is any good left in him. 

Chris Williams is on the run from an abusive boyfriend who will do whatever it takes to get back what he believes is his. Looking for a place to hide, Chris stumbles straight into Roman’s arms. 

Something about his sassy attitude stirs feelings in Roman that he had thought lost, but it's going to take more than words to show Chris that he has found his hero... 

OUR REVIEW: Roman is a rich real estate mogul with suspected mafia ties. He does what—or who—he wants, when he wants. Until he happens upon a poor, beaten man on the beach. Chris has just escaped from a very long and abusive relationship. 

In a move, very much out of character, Roman takes Tony into his home, nurses him back to health, and gives him a new lease on life. But there is trouble in paradise…

The setup was interesting, and there were aspects of this story that I thought were very well done. Chris is a character you will feel for, whom you will root for. He has been through so much, and you will desperately want him to find his happily ever after.  The abuse scenes are particularly poignant and might be a trigger for some people. 

“Please stop,” Chris pleased. He pulled at the ropes that held his wrists once again.

He had jerked on them enough that his wrists were rubbed raw. “Mitch, please don’t let them do this.”

Mitch glanced at John but said nothing.

“Don’t want to play, pretty boy?” John ran his finger down the center of Chris’ chest. 

When Roman is with Chris, he’s the perfect mix of protective and loving. 

Chris looked at his salad a slight blush touching his cheeks. “Maybe I’ll check it out to see if it is anything worth looking at.”

“Oh believe me,” Roman said and waggled his eyebrows “not only is it worth looking at, it is worthy of all the attention it receives. Not to say I have bragging rights, but, you know, I think I’m worth writing home about.”

But when they are apart, Roman is ruthless. He does things behind Chris’s back, things Chris never finds out about, at least in this story. 

As a reader, I was left perplexed. Despite the fact that there is no sex in the story, there is a definite loving relationship between these two men. One I can’t help but feel is flawed, since Chris doesn’t know who his knight in shining armor really is. 

Perhaps this is the first in a series? It’s the only way I can understand why this story would end without sex and with so many open threads. 

Amazon US:

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OUR RATING: ❇❇❇ ½ stars

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ARC REVIEW: Coming Out by Lila Rose (Hawks MC Club Novella) #MM #Romance

Genre: Series M/M Contemporary Romance (can be read as a standalone)

Living a lie, Matthew ‘Mattie’ Alexander is exhausted. It’s not easy to keep up the pretence, the deceit, but it’s safer. Coming out to a world that so easily hates takes a courage he’s yet to find, so he pretends – pretends to be into women – pretends to love being a part of the university’s football team. It keeps him safe, hidden. 

Until he meets Julian. 

From the moment they first meet, Mattie knows life is about to change. He’s yet to determine if it is for the better or worse. Living life through laughter, Julian is lonely. Without the jokes, the humour, he would be living on the edge of depression. Succumbing to his controlling father’s demands, Julian finds no joy in the path laid out before him. 

Until he meets Mattie. 

As soon as they cross paths, Mattie has the power to drive Julian’s man parts crazy with lust. But can lust be enough to help Mattie out of the closet, and guide Julian into a happier place? 

Limits will be pushed. Rules will be broken. But it’s only together, that they will have the strength to overpower fear, fear of themselves and fear of others. Just how far are they willing to go in the aim of coming out? 

OUR REVIEW: This is the coming out story of a young college boy and the older man he meets when he’s hired as a masseuse for the football team. 

These men are polar opposites: Mattie is a serious nineteen-year old closeted athlete who has a very supportive family. Julian is an out and proud thirty-six-year old masseuse with a tremendous sense of humor and a penchant for pet names, who is trying to rid himself of his albatross of a family. They hate him, who he is, and make no secret of it.

It’s fun to see how these two characters meet and start up a relationship given the eighteen-year age gap and the vast difference in their life situations. When trouble kicks up with Julian’s family, Mattie shows that he’s much more of a man and protective lover than expected for his age. He’s Julian’s equal in every way.  

Some of the best scenes in this book are with Mattie’s parents, straight-forward folk, who say whatever is on their mind.

“Okay, well, when the time comes, we’ll want to meet him. Need to make sure he’ll be good enough for our boy.” 

Jeesh. That was something I wasn’t looking forward to. Mum would no doubt embarrass me by asking inappropriate things.

For example, the next words out of her mouth, “Do you take or give?”

“Nancy,” Dad barked. “Jesus Christ, woman.”

Mum rolled her eyes. “I’m just curious.”

“Mum, it’s not something to discuss at dinner… or ever.”

She sighed. “Fine.”

The sex is hot and frequent. I loved the massage scenes, even the ones that don’t involve a happy ending. J

He hummed to himself. I would have loved to know what he was thinking. “What’s your name?” he asked. 

“Matthew,” I said as he worked my back. Was he going to go low or not?

My question was answered moments later when his hands suddenly left me and landed on my upper thighs. He squeezed them. I closed my eyes and mouth, Fuck.

“Do you like my hands on you, Mattie?” he drawled, running his hands slowly up and down the back of my legs, just inches shy of my lower arse cheeks.

Please keep going, my dick sang.

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OUR RATING: 4 stars 

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ARC REVIEW: Suit Yourself (Men of London #3) by Susan Mac Nicol #MM #Romance

Genre: Series M/M Contemporary Romance (can be read as a standalone)

Release Date: May 21, 2015

Scarred both physically and emotionally after a motorcycle accident, twenty-five year old ex fashion model and porn star Oliver Brown is about to be stripped bare by flamboyant twink Leslie Scott—and they’ll rebuild love from the bottom up. 


Twenty-five year old Oliver Brown is addicted. Two years ago, he was at the height of his career as “Nicky Starr,” fashion model, porn actor, partier without peer. Then came the accident. Hiding his scars, both emotional and physical, he’s gone into hiding. But fine clothing is some solace. A new suit by Debussy? Better even than a ride on his motorcycle Hulk or all the things he used to give and take on camera. 

Enter Leslie Scott, the flamboyant, dark-haired, heel-and-tiny-short-wearing twink sent to deliver Oliver’s newest fix. A firecracker, Leslie is dapper, generous, in touch with his feminine side but all man, and as gorgeous as any garment ever made. He makes Oliver dream of ending his reclusion, of recapturing a future forever denied him. But for that to happen, Leslie would have to strip him to the bone. Only then will they rebuild life from the bottom up.

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OUR REVIEW: What do you get when a fabric buyer for a high-end suit design house meets up with a damaged ex-porn star with a suit obsession? You get SUIT YOURSELF! 

Leslie Scott is exactly as advertised: witty, flamboyant, and forthright. He’s ready for a real relationship and his eyes are open for a contender. Life in the porn industry has left Oliver Brown damaged, both physically and emotionally. Living like a hermit in his luxury hide away, he’s lonely, and after two years, maybe it’s time to give life a try.

When the two meet, it’s a clash of opposites. But, Leslie is just the man to bring about Oliver’s metamorphosis and drag the man, screaming and kicking, back into the world.

I enjoyed many aspects of this book: the characters are strong and well developed; the writing is well above average; the fashion aspects detailed and clearly researched. However, the book lacked intensity. I was not dragged along by the story to rapidly turn the pages to find out what happened next. 

It's warm. It's comfortable. It's a great read for a lazy Sunday, whether on the beach or in front of a fire. 

OUR RATING: 3.5 stars

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

ARC REVIEW: Henry's End by Julie A Richman #MM #Romance

Genre: Standalone M/M Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 11, 2015

I used to have them—before the nightmares started. 
I dreamed of nice guys, love…normalcy. 
Things like reading the Sunday paper in bed with my lover.
But who needs dreams when your reality is filled with a string of faceless dominating men in uniform? Men that pack a thick bulge and are only too happy to satisfy my deviant sexual cravings.
Me. That's who.

And then HE walked through the door and shared with me, a total stranger, his intimate dream of love. Damn him for verbalizing every single detail of the dream I buried long ago.
And now I don’t know how I'm going to live without that dream. 
Or him.

Amazon US:

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Henry’s End Book Trailer:

OUR REVIEWHenry's End is a fascinating journey through one man's adult life. In this saga, spanning several decades, we meet the men who enter Henry's life and leave him changed, sometimes for the worst, sometimes for the better. In the end, he becomes the man he needs to be to find true happiness with the man who shares his dreams.

In Henry's End, the author touches upon, realistically and convincingly, some very current issues affecting the gay community: abuse, violence, discrimination, HIV/Aids, but also the true and lasting friendships that develop both inside and outside the community. For me, Henry's relationship with with his straight male friend Schooner is one of the high points of the book.

The writing in many of the scenes was very powerful. One scene in particular nearly killed me. You'll know which one when you read it. 

Although Henry's End is listed as gay romance, and it definitely contains romance, it does not follow the typical path of one. We do not meet the man who will ultimately share Henry's future until the final quarter of the book. This did not take away from my enjoyment of the story, but those who like a gay romance that concentrates on only the two heroes, should take caution.

OUR RATING: We give this book 4 stars!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

ARC REVIEW: Legion by Rider Jacobs #MM #Fantasy #Romance

Banished to the mortal realm for a crime he didn't commit all Nico wants to do is return home. Legion feels love is weakness, it's an emotion only felt by fools. Answering a bundled summoning attempt Legion's world is turned upside down by the exotic Nico. Intrigued by the mortal, Legion finds himself unable to stay away. Refusing to believe he might actually be falling in love he sets out to discover who has cast such a wicked spell on him. Nico has a secret though, one that could end his relationship and destroy his chance to return home.

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OUR REVIEW: LEGION is an ambitious story, involving multiple realms and their inhabitants. After a fateful altercation, Legion becomes ruler of the banished, damned, and seven other realms, while his brother, Adoni, is king of twenty-nine realms (twenty realms, according to Legion). Legion is a truly powerful, but also very lonely being as can be attested to by this funny conversation with Legion's best friend and second in command, Balthazar.
"F*ck you." The warrior snorted and gestured meaningfully.

"Thanks but you're not really my type." Legion said.

"Really? You have a type? I thought all it took was for them to fall on their back. Oh wait, that's me, you haven't had sex in the last millennium. Are you sure you know how it's done still?"
Rest assured, Legion does remember, as can be attested to when he meets Nico, slave to a wizard.

The story moves along quickly, with plenty of hot sex scenes, toward that moment when Nico's secret is revealed. There is a lot of humor mixed in with the more dramatic and poignant moments.

Earlier, we said that the story was ambitious. There is a huge world with a lot of characters being built here, one mostly based on existing mythology, but one that has its own rules as well. In some cases, the story moves a little too quickly, leaving the reader a bit confused. The characters are larger than life, very colorful and unique, which is great. At the same time, it makes their decisions and rationale difficult to comprehend. I would have like to see the author delve a little deeper into Legion's psyche so we could understand him better. This is  also true of Nico. Although we spend a fair amount of time in his head, we aren't any closer to understanding his secret and why he did what he did.

Over all, we found the story to be an entertaining and fast-paced ride into a world far removed from our own. We look forward to more from this author.

OUR RATING: 3.5 stars