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ARC #REVIEW In The Present Tense by Carrie Pack #RomHero #mmromance #timetravel

Title: In the Present Tense
Author: Carrie Pack
Genre: M/M Romance, Science Fiction, Time Travel
Release Date: May 19, 2016
Publisher:  Interlude Press
Length: 336 pages

Description: Miles Lawson goes to sleep dreaming of a future with his boyfriend Adam, but wakes to find he is married to Ana, an acquaintance from high school. When he learns he has been time traveling, Miles is consumed with finding a cure for his rare condition—and finding his first love.

Traveling more frequently, Miles assembles the puzzle pieces of his life and, in doing so, alienates his wife. As he loses control, Miles must realize that sometimes fixing your past mistakes means changing your future. But will he be able to convince Adam he is telling the truth before it’s too late?

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In the Present Tense is a truly fascinating story. Is Miles really time-travelling, or is it some sort of multiple personality disorder? That's the question that gets explored in this first installment of what is sure to be a great series!

The story opens with a very confused Miles who wakes up one day--in the future and in bed with a girl from his high school.
"Oh shit, it's happening again," Ana said, her eyes wide.

"What is?"

"The time travel thing."

"What time travel thing?"

"Oh shit, how young are you this time, Lawson? Don't tell me I got the version of you who hasn't figured it out yet."

He stared at her. Time travel? Had she lost her mind?

"Fuck me running," she said when he didn't respond. "Have a seat, Marty McFly. I've got a story for you that's gonna blow your mind."
The relationships in this story are complicated and intense. Miles wakes up in the body of an older Miles who is now married to Ana. He finds out that he broke up with Adam, the boy who was the love of his life, but he doesn't know why. Older Miles is seeing a psychiatrist, but is she helping or hurting? Does anyone really believe him?

As the story bounces between past and present (and future!), we come to know more about Miles, Ana, and Adam and none of it is what it seems.

In the Present Tense is the story of a true love, one that won't give up. It's that chance to perhaps go back and change the things that went wrong, or to reignite old feelings in the present. A second chance... I loved it.

If you enjoy stories like The Time Traveler's Wife, you'll love In the Present Tense!

OUR RATING: 4.5 stars

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