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ARC REVIEW: Secret by Kindle Alexander #MM #Romance

Genre: Stand-alone M/M Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: June 9, 2015

DESCRIPTION: Tristan Wilder, self-made millionaire and devastatingly handsome CEO of Wilder-Nation is on the verge of a very lucrative buyout. With tough negotiations ahead, he's armed with his acquisition pitch, ready to launch the deal of a lifetime. There’s just one glitch. The last thing he expects is to fall for the hot business owner he's trying to sway.

Dylan Reeves, computer science engineer and founder of the very successful social media site, Secret, is faced with a life-altering decision. A devoted family man with three kids and a wife, Dylan has been living a secret for years. Fiercely loyal to his convictions, his boundaries blur after meeting the striking owner of the corporation interested in acquiring his company. For the first time in his life, reckless desire consumes him when the gorgeous computer mogul makes an offer he can't refuse.

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OUR REVIEW: Kindle Alexander has hit it out of the park with Secret! 

I’ve read several Kindle Alexander books and liked them well enough, but Secret is on a whole other level. I loved it from the first page to the last.

Tristan Wilder, the CEO of the company that wants to buy Dylan Reeves’ breakthrough social media site, Secret, is everything you’d imagine a head-in-the-clouds inventor to be, and Dylan is the ideal businessman and father with his perfect wife and family. But all is not as it seems, which Tristan discovers when Dylan and his team go to visit Wilder Inc. headquarters in California. Neither is a twenty-something billionaire—refreshing, I know!

Secret is in no way about cheating, or ménage, or anything even remotely like that. It’s about people who are committed to each other’s happiness and how new partners fit into this complicated and unusual situation. Nothing that happens is without the other’s consent.

Teri, Dylan’s wife, is a thoroughly developed secondary character. Her kindness and understanding of Dylan’s predicament endeared her to me immediately. I’ve seen some reviews that doubt a wife like her could exist. I don’t doubt it at all, especially in a world and time where many gay men still choose to hide who they are for family and business reasons. Teri and Dylan take their marriage seriously and are doing the best they can for their children, despite the anguish their sacrifice is causing both of them.

Never in his thirty-seven years of life had anyone said those words to him. he played the stereotypical hetero husband so well that every person he knew would have sworn the Reeves family stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting.


Tristan's smooth voice caught his attention as he ducked his head through the open door. "I promise it's discreet. Your secret's safe in here." 

I loved seeing the apparently straight Dylan emerge from his self-imposed celibacy under Tristan’s creative tutelage. Likewise, Dylan’s involvement with Wilder helps Tristan to see where he’s gone wrong, and ways to correct his mistakes, both professionally and personally. At first, it’s all fun and games—Tristan sees Dylan as a challenge. Someone he can have, enjoy, then leave once the companies are merged. But life has other plans, and these plans blow both these men, and the readers along with them, way off their chosen course.

But what about the sex, you ask?

This book is chock-full of all the good stuffsmoldering romance, burn-up-the-sheets sex, and plenty of panty-melting moments! 

"Baby, are you asleep?"

"Close," Dylan murmured. His voice gravelly and thick, proving he'd been sleeping.

"I need to tell you something. I haven't ever said anything like this before, but you need to know so I can sleep." Tristan lifted his head a little, talking quietly into Dylan's ear, trying to keep his heart from racing out of his chest. 

"Okay." A solid yawn formed on the word. 

"I'll wait for you, however long it takes. I don't care. I'll wait. I'm in love with you."

If you love books about family, love, and acceptance, then this is the book for you.

OUR RATING: ❇❇❇ stars!

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