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ARC REVIEW: Make Me Whole by R.C. Matthews #menage #disability #romhero

ARC REVIEW: Make Me Whole by R.C. Matthews #menage #mfm #romanticsuspense #disability

Publisher: Loose ID
Release: June 1, 2015

For Jake Hanson, it was the perfect solution to a deep darkness. The accident took more than the use of his legs; it took everything that made him feel like a man. He needs their ménage. It puts him on the path to healing. With Jessie and Chad, he can conquer anything...he thinks.

Jessica Hanson did it all for her husband, to make him feel whole again. She didn’t want a threesome. At least, that’s what she believed in the beginning. But when she realizes that she can’t imagine life without both her husband and his best friend by her side, she’ll question everything she thought completed her.

FBI agent Chad Wilson, couldn’t believe he agreed to his best friend’s proposal. There were too many things beyond his control that could go wrong. But when things go right, he is forced to admit to the best months of his life. Yet on the heels of his greatest joy comes his greatest fear. He’s endangered them all, and the clock is ticking.

They’ll push the boundaries and blur the lines, coming face to face with one of life’s hardest truths: Sometimes to become whole, you have to break.

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Ménage romance with a twist! I’m not typically a huge fan of M/F/M, because I find it hard to believe that men who enjoy ménage, don’t ever touch the other man or get turned on by him. This book, however, changed my mind.

Jake is wheelchair bound. He misses the days of wild sex with his wife. Doing it standing up, against a wall, bent over a desk. He’s bored with their sex and with his life in general. This exchange with the therapist is poignant and, for me, helped me to truly understand why Jake is so unhappy.

“Don’t you get it? This isn’t just about me. Jessica’s life was forever changed too. Our sex life isn’t the same. It will never be passionate and wild again. It’s eating me up inside, knowing that it’s all my fault.”

When his therapist misunderstands something Jake says and suggests a ménage, the wheels in Jake’s brain start spinning. At this point, Jake is looking for a surrogate lover for his wife. Someone who will be his legs. Who will give her the spontaneous, passionate love-making she deserves. And who better to do it than the man he trusts most in the world? Chad, his longtime best friend, is, of course, first horrified by the idea, but after careful consideration and seeing how much the idea is brightening his friend up, he agrees to a three-month trial, provided that Jessica is fully onboard.

What follows is a loving journey of growth for all three of these fascinating characters. Having Chad in the mix sparks a new enjoyment in sex for both Jessica and Jake. Jessica and Chad have promised to keep the ménage all about sex. But can they keep their promise?

Over the months that follow, not only does Jake’s confidence in the bedroom increase, but also his confidence in other aspects of his life. As the title says, the ménage brings him to feel whole again, and if for that reason alone, this book is inspiring.

The suspense thread in the story is also thrilling. It adds a touch of urgency and danger to an otherwise fun contemporary erotic romance that takes it over the top to garner full marks from us. When all hell breaks loose, the love and loyalty these characters have for each other shines clear and bright. We hope that this is only the first book in a series, because we’d love to hear more about this awesome trio of characters!

OUR RATING: 5 stars!


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