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ARC #REVIEW Imperfect Harmony by Jay Northcote #mmromance #romhero

Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: April 15, 2016
Publisher:  Jaybird Press
Length: 189 pages

Description: Imperfect harmony can still be beautiful…

John Fletcher, a former musician, is stuck in limbo after losing his long-term partner two years ago. He’s shut himself off from everything that reminds him of what he’s lost. When his neighbour persuades him to join the local community choir, John rediscovers his love of music and finds a reason to start living again.

Rhys Callington, the talented and charismatic choir leader, captures John’s attention from the first moment they meet. He appears to be the polar opposite of John: young, vibrant, and full of life. But Rhys has darkness in his own past that is holding him back from following his dreams.

Despite the nineteen-year age gap, the two men grow close and a fragile relationship blossoms. Ghosts of the past and insecurities about the future threaten their newfound happiness. If they’re going to harmonise in life and love as they do in their music, they’ll need to start following the same score.

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Imperfect Harmony is the lyrically written character-driven story of two men with very sad pasts. One is a man in the middle of his life, conventional, set in his ways, and still recovering from the loss of his partner of twenty years. The other is a young man, a little flamboyant, a lot him, who is struggling to rebuild his life after a regrettable accident takes the life of his bandmate and partner. Neither one feels ready to move on, but both need to.

When John first meets Rhys at choir practice, his reaction is telling.
"Oh, um... I'm John." John floundered, pinned by the bright blue of Rhys's eyes and expectant smile. His heart beat faster, and long-forgotten neural pathways lit up as he felt a surprising flicker of interest in another man for the first time in years. 
As the title would imply, it is their mutual love for music that brings these two musicians together. It is what ultimately heals their souls.
John started slowly, quietly. Rhys recognized the tune although he couldn't place it. Haunting and heartbreakingly beautiful, the music grew to fill the room. It cut through Rhys making the lump grow in his throat and tears prickle in his eyes. The melody wasn't in a minor key, yet there was somehow loss woven into every note--sadness, and a yearning that was almost unbearable.

But there was hope too, and as John drew out the final notes, Rhys was left breathless, wanting, and full of too many emotions to name.
The relationship between John and Rhys begins with friendship, two people in need of companionship. Music is the glue that bonds them. The story itself moves slowly, mimicing the build of the romance (slow burn). 

Imperfect Harmony is very realistic. I felt as though Rhys and John could be two guys know. I loved that. My only minor quibble is that I felt the story lacked a little intensity. Overall, this novel is excellent proof of how love and music can help us to overcome the worst of ordeals.

OUR RATING: 4 stars!


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