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ARC #REVIEW More Than Love by Amelia Bishop #mmromance #romhero

Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: March 25, 2016
Publisher:  Amelia Bishop
Length: 198 pages

Description: Dan watched the people in his life settle down, get married, and have kids, while he cycled through a seemingly endless string of break-ups and disappointing relationship fails. So when Ian, the college boyfriend Dan never quite forgot, comes back to town and wants to get together, Dan jumps at a second chance with the one who got away. And despite his track record, he holds out hope that he and Ian might make it work this time.

While Ian is still just as sweet and sexy as he ever was back in college, he’s also harder, slicker, and more secretive than Dan remembers. As a cop, Dan’s suspicions are roused by Ian’s behavior. As a man, he wants nothing more than to ignore those worries and fall headfirst into their new relationship. If Ian is a criminal, turning him in will break Dan’s heart. But ignoring his crimes could ruin Dan’s career.

Sometimes, what destroys us are not the things we fear, but our fears themselves.

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More Than Love begins with a dead drug dealer, graffiti on the wall of a university storage building, and a text message to an ex-boyfriend. When the ex-boyfriend, Ian, texts Dan back asking him to pick him up at the airport, a series of romantic and mysterious events begin to snowball.

Ian is the guy Dan let get away because he was too closeted to have a normal relationship. Dan is the guy who didn't fight for Ian, the guy Ian never forgot. The story flashes back to Ian and Dan's time in college. I really enjoyed these glimpses of the past that revealed so much about how each man had changed.. and how they'd remained the same.
Out of the corner of his eye he caught Ian biting the edge of his thumbnail. He slid his gaze over to get a better view and noted Ian's frown and pinched brows. Dan wanted to touch him, comfort him somehow, but it was too soon for that. He kept his hands on the wheel. "So, what brings you back home?"

Ian straightened in his seat, his face quickly snapping into a composed smile, hands resting professionally on his knees. "Well, it's a long story." He chuckled, a phony sound, and his smile stretched wider. "The company I was working for had some legal issues, nothing serious, but I decided it was a good time to change. I'm thinking of starting a new business here. A friend of mine has a business he's looking to expand, and I'm buying in. I hope."

"Oh? What kind of business?" Dan pulled off the highway and turned the car toward Ian's hotel.

"Direct sales network marketing." Ian said it with the slickness of a well-rehearsed sales pitch, and Dan's heart broke a little at the distance it put between them."
When life brings them back together, can they find their way back to a future together? It's something both men want, but Ian's shady business dealings and his newly acquired upper-middle class status have Dan's cop alarms ringing like crazy. Suspicion sets in and begins to destabilize their deepening relationship.

This second chance story has all the best elements of a romantic suspense: a good mystery, a hot romance, great secondary characters and storylines. Each man has a very interesting family life that has affected their view of what they want dramatically. For example, Dan's mother has Alzheimer's and Ian's father is an alcoholic. There are some incredibly sweet moments in this story, hitting a great range of emotional highs and lows.
Dan shrugged. "It sucks seeing her confused and miserable. I feel like she's dying right in front of me, just, really slowly."

Ian's face scrunched up in sympathy. "I know about that. I mean, it's a different thing, but I've been watching my dad die for a few years now. I get it."

Dan nodded. "Yeah." He forced a smile. "Hey, you know what? Life is short. Let's dance."
There are a few things about More Than Love that I found very refreshing: one, this is an interracial romance that doesn't make a big deal about race, and two, it's one of the only m/m romances I've read where penetrative sex is not on the menu. The author manages to keep the heat high and the variety strong in all the sex scenes without it. Very nice!

OUR RATING: 4.5 stars!

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