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ARC #REVIEW Full Strength by V.L. Locey #mmromance #romhero #sports

Genre: M/M Romance, Book 3 of the Point Shot series
Release Date: March 23, 2016
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc
Length: 129 pages

Description: What a difference a year makes. Twelve months ago, Victor Kalinski was one of the best and most controversial ice hockey players in the pros. This year he’s playing in the minors, has a paternity case pending, and has just been vindictively outed to the world by one of his own teammates.

But he seems to find life in the tiny town of Cayuga to his liking. A large part of that is Dan Arou, the Cougars’ alternate captain and the man who now holds Victor’s heart. Surely venomous, viper-tongued Victor hasn’t been mellowed by love!

Well, perhaps a little. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t intend to get sweet revenge on those who’ve hurt the man he loves and the friends he’s somehow made along the way.

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To prepare for this review, I was graciously provided copies of Two Man Advantage and Game Misconduct, the first two books in the Point Shot series. Why? Because this series must definitely be read in order.

Victor Kalinski is a foul-mouthed, sarcastic redheaded Polish man who's angry at the world, and that anger gets him into serious trouble, over and over again. Victor is also one of the best things about this series. He is hilarious, and although he starts out as a royal asshole, his relationship with Dan Arou makes him a better man.

Daniel Arou is his teammate on the Cayuga Cougars. A short-statured Canadian Inuit, Dan is a gentle bear who shows his claws and dominance whenever Victor gets too uppity. But Dan has problems of his own--the most important being trying to forgive Victor for the mistake he made and learning to accept Victor's baby momma.
I stepped into my dress slacks and pulled them over my ass. "Italian-Scots talk as funny as you Canucks."

"I've got five Loonies that says you're wrong," Dan countered.

"Stop. Stop with the Loonie, Toonie, double-double with a box of Timbits shit. It makes my freaking eyes water trying to decipher what you're saying half the time."
As part of his agreement with the team owners, Victor is forced to attend counseling sessions with the team shrink to deal with his issues and learn to control his anger. Even his shrink, whom he calls Mrs. Weasley because she's matronly and has red hair, doesn't escape Victor's wit.
Damn shrink was sharp. I had to give her that. She was also persistent. She whittled away at your defenses, wiggling into any tiny hole she could make, then feasting on your pulpy goodness like a pine borer larva.
And despite the fact that he's a sharp-tongued hard ass, Victor is also pure jello when it comes to Dan.
Dan opened his eyes. Instantly I was lost in those brilliant blue pools. You know things are bad when Vic K. starts sounding like some goofy character in a gay romance, but there it is. I do get lost in his eyes, his voice, the way he skates, the touch of his hip against mine in bed and the smile that's meant for me and only me.
With its mix of humor, drama, and colorful cast of characters, Full Strength is the perfect culmination to this three-book series. Readers will be thrilled with where V.L. Locey takes the story, and like me, they'll want more Vic and Dan!

OUR RATING: 4.5 stars!

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