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ARC #REVIEW Alien Conception by Max Walker #mmromance #scifi #romhero #mpreg

Genre: M/M Science Fiction Romance, part of The Traveler Series (can be read as a standalone)
Release Date: March 19, 2016
Publisher:  Max Walker
Length: 367 pages

Description: Ryan Diaz thought his life was on track. A boring track, but a track none-the-less. He expected to keep his mind-numbing job, find a girl to marry, and then settle down in a decent sized house with decently smart kids.

But, as we all know, life never follows the plans.

After a night out, Ryan finds himself face to face with a man that promises to change his life forever. And this man? He happens to be an alien who sports an incredible six pack and a massive... ship.

Their initial meeting not only shocks Ryan, but also awakens a part of him he never knew he had. Now, he has to come to terms with his explosive new feelings for the alien and submit to the plans fate has in store for them.

Will Ryan be able to handle this new life and the challenges it brings? Or will he find that being a boring paper pusher was what he was meant to do after all?

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After reading Alien Visitor, the first book in The Traveler Series, I was interested to read Ryan's story. Alien Conception is much in keeping with the style of the first book. However, this one goes a step beyond, into the fascinating world of mpreg (male pregnancy). Given that mpreg is a guilty pleasure of mine, I was curious to see how this author would explain the "science" behind a human male carrying a child to term. As it turns out, Max Walker did a very credible job, and I give him kudos for that. This book is longer than the first and much more developed.

When the story opens, Ryan has just found out that his best friend Jacob (the hero of Alien Visitor) is gay. Ryan accepts it easily, and Jacob acts as his wingman one last time, because Ryan has his eyes set on his lay-for-the-night and she has a friend. Back at Jacob's place, they are suddenly interrupted by a search and rescue team come to find Bena-drez (Jacob's alien boyfriend). The S&R team, Maxxam and Sarih-ja, arrive stark naked. Ryan finds himself drawn to Maxxam, not Sarih-ja, and he can't keep his eyes from taking Max in.
"Come," Maxxam extended a hand. "I'll explain it all."

Ryan looked at the hand, then back up at Maxxam. His chiseled face seemed warm all of a sudden. the power and dominance that had been there seconds ago gave way to a gentle smile that brightened his features and sent a shockwave through Ryan. 
Ryan has already seen everything Maxxam has to offer, but seeing himwearing clothes was almost as powerful. Suddenly, images of Ryan hooking a thumb under the waistband of those shorts and pulling them down to the floor was the only thing Ryan could think of doing.
What follows is a very heated self-discovery for Ryan, who must come to terms with his change in sexual orientation. He's never been attracted to men, much less tall, oddly-colored alien men.
"No, this doesn't make sense. I'm not gay. I've never been with a dude before, I never thought I'd..."

"Want one as badly as you do? I forgot humans seem to have not grown past the silly labels and boxes that have been so ingrained in your culture. consider yourself, in this moment, as a completely individual person, set apart from the rest of the world. You have your own wants, desires, rules, emotions, lust. Everything is individual. No one has a one-size fits all equation. Consider that maybe you never met the right man who had the power to awaken this side of you. Consider that man to be me." 
I won't go into detail about the sex in this story, other than to say that it is HOT. Pregnancy makes Ryan horny and Maxxam is nothing if not devoted to assuaging Ryan's every need. And I really wish Nistal worms existed. They seem like loads of fun!

The whole pregnancy itself is well done. The emotions the two character experience over the pending arrival of their child are very believable. And, thankfully, the author avoids dipping into gender-stereotypical behaviors and roles for these two, who are so not stereotypical.

If you enjoy a good romance with some hot sex and mpreg thrown in for additional fun, you'll enjoy Alien Conception.

OUR RATING:  4 stars!

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